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Does Your Tigard, OR Home or Business Have a Leaky Roof?

roofmaintenanceTigard Oregon is a wonderful place to live, with greenery and wildlife year round. And while we learn to tolerate our wet Northwest weather, it’s the rain that keeps our beautiful environment continuing year round. But sometimes the rain can be a little much, and will work it’s way into your home’s interior. That’s when it’s time to call a pro for roof repair in Tigard, Oregon! When rain has the ability to bypass your flashings and make it into the interior of your home, damage and occur to your roof deck, insulation, and possibly cause mold and mildew. Dial One Roofers in Tigard Oregon are on standby to help with your emergency roof leaks. We have the tools and experience to stop your roof leaks fast! Because we are experienced roofers, we can save you money by jumping on the roof leak immediately. And we’re always willing and able to work with your homeowner’s insurance directly, thereby eliminating the need to get multiple bids and roofing estimates. By having an experienced a roofing company like Dial One Roofing to do your work, we will save you interior damage, insulation damage, and any potential for mold growth. Our experienced roofing technicians know exactly how to handle your roofing problem quickly and efficiently, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call Dial One Roofing, you’re experienced professionals for roof leak repair in Tigard Oregon.

Making the Right Repair Decision

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What if your roof cannot be repaired, or needs to be partially replaced? What can you do to stop the water now? Sometimes roof repair can be rather tricky when the roof is older. There is a point on every roof when doing anything to it would result in further damage. You cannot repair a roof indefinitely. Because dial one roofing is a full service roofing company, if your roof reaches that point, we are completely capable of replacing sections of your roof, or the whole thing. The good news about replacing a section of roof rather than just repiaring it, is that when you replace the section of your roof, you receive the full benefit of warranty on that section. Therefore, no money is thrown away on repair, and when you’re ready to repair the additional sections, you may be able to get a full warranty on your completed roof job. In the meantime, we carry extra large tarps, large enough to cover your entire house. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of our tarps, because they wish to mitigate any interior damage costs. By using our tarps, this allows us to stop any further damage, while we collect the tools and materials necessary to complete the project correctly. By working directly with your homeowner’s insurance, any roof repair in Tigard may be done for you at little or no expense.



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