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Roof Leaks and Mold

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mold_1A leaky roof can cause issues far beyond the roof and roof structure. Roof leaks can allow water to work its way through the walls, into the attic structure, and even down to the foundation. Along with the most obvious damages to the ceilings, walls, and attic space, water can cause, given enough time, structural failure of the attic support beams. A slowly leaking roof can cause far greater damage because it will go unnoticed, and over time will produce far greater unexpected damages. Additionally, water penetrating into the structure can cause dangerous circumstances for the inhabitants as well as Mold.

Mold and health problems

mold_plywoodThe most hazardous problem associated with a roof leak is the propagation of mold growth. Mold grows quietly with no help. It only requires a slight amount of water, and still air. The problem lies therein: mold will slowly grow until it overtakes all surfaces available, then produce spores that can easily infiltrate the attic, the insulation, the ceiling and the HVAC system, where it can then be dispersed throughout the home. Mold can grow in carpet, furniture, and even clothing. Mold spores continue to reproduce and can lead to allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, and more serious health problems. Health problems can result from mold spores invading the respiratory system, and can result in long term allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, Skin rashes, and other serious health concerns.

How to get rid of mold

The solution to the problem is to first stop any roof leaks coming into the home. Check your roof that it is properly functioning, there are no holes or missing shingles. Check that the gutters are clean, and are properly flowing. Next, proper ventilation will stop mold in its tracks. Mold cannot grow easily with moving air. Make sure the roof vents are properly installed, and that the vents in the eaves, just below the gutter, are not blocked and are uncovered. Existing mold can be killed with a 10% + bleach to water. If all checks out, and you still have a mold problem, you may need to get down and dirty. Adding an electric vent to your attic to get the air moving substantially will kill the mold. It’s always a good idea two spray any mold you see the width of bleach solution as well. When it comes to mold, your best defense is a good offense. If you start to see mold growing, pay attention. It is a warning that you don’t have enough moving air, and that you do have enough moisture for mold growth. Get on top of it, and don’t let it get a toehold.

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