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Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing And Our Climate

Portland’s rainy climate is extremely hard on roofs. Your roof is constantly being tested by the elements, and it’s no wonder that the average roof lasts only 15 to 20 years. Building your roof properly to withstand these weather patterns is a must if you want the roof to all the hard work, not you!
One of the best roofs to withstand the extreme weather in the northwest is standing seam metal roofing. Also known as ‘tin roofing’, ‘snap lock’ metal roofing, and steel roofing, these roofing products are built to withstand anything that gets thrown at them.

Metal Roofing Colors And Paint

Available in a variety of colors, standing seam metal roofing comes prepainted with weather-resistant resin paint. Because the resin paint is similar to a car’s exterior finish, the metal will be protected for decades. Kynar 500® PVDF based resin can reduce energy consumption by up to 70% by reflecting the heat’s UV light away from the roof, and cool the building exterior better than regular finishes.

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Residential Metal Roofing

Guaranteed for Life!

metal-roofing-i1Our metal roofing for residential roofs is simply amazing. The roofing goes on fast, is very lightweight, is completely resistant to wind, rain, hail, and ice. It reflects the suns rays and keeps the house cool. Build to last a lifetime, our standing seam metal roofing, also known as snap lock roofing, has no exposed fasteners, so there is no chance of water making its way into the house. No maintenance is required, and the paint has a 40-year no-caulking or fading warranty. While all the other roofs claim to be the last roof you’ll ever need, this roof ‘s beautiful lines, no maintenance warranty, and amazing colors make this metal roofing the only roof you should ever want!

We have been installing residential metal roofing since the 80’s. And our expertise in installing metal roofs means that your metal roofing project will last for a lifetime! In fact, we are so sure that you will never have a problem with your metal roof, that we will stand behind the installation of your roofing product for as long as you own your home. We are that sure that your roofing project will turn out better than you have imagined. Let a show you how great a metal roof will look on your house.


Snap-lock attachment, Light and Strong!

  • 26 Gauge thickness
  • Lightweight, and strong
  • Available in many colors
  • Seam Height: 1″
  • Panel Widths: 12″ and 16″
  • Minimum Slope: 3/12
  • No Exposed fasteners

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Experts


Dial One Roofing’s standing seam metal roof products provide a unique architectural roof for any type of roof design. Because the panels can be made to any length, a single panel can cover a large area, so the metal roof goes on fast! It will provide the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. From low to a steep slope, shake replacement or composition roof replacement, our metal roofing will change the look of your home to one of the clean lines and architectural beauty. When looking for a fantastic new look for your home, we have the product and experts ready to get your roof installed right!

Will a metal roof look right on your home? A metal roof looks great on certain kinds of homes. Architectural lines play on the role in as to whether a metal roof is going to look correct. We would like to say that every metal roof would look good on every home, but the truth is sometimes other types of roofs will look better than the strong architectural design that accompanies a metal roof. But never fear, our expert roof inspectors will be able to advise you as to what type of product or color would look best on your home.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Roll Formed Onsite

metal-roofing-004Formed onsite, our commercial metal roofing is mechanically attached metal roofing panels can be made to any size, thereby reducing seams. Our mechanically fastened 24G. steel roofing that can be used directly over purlins, thereby reducing the need for additional deck structure. This is perfect for commercial steel buildings and pole barns. We can adapt the roll forming so that the roofing panels can be bent and set in almost any location! Our typical roof formed roofing is 16″ in width, 24 gauge in thickness.

Because we can form onsite, our ability to run materials out is far safer and minimizes the chance of damaging the materials during transport. Delivery can sometimes become a problem with longer or heavier panels, but our ability to lift the machine to load the roofing minimizes waste and costs. If the product is heavy, as with thicker roofing panels, this advantage can save thousands in material costs, and days in preventative setup and delivery.

Mechanically Seamed Roofing

metal-roofing-005Commercial metal roofs are typically longer, wider and have different structural values than a residential roof. Mechanically fastened panels allow for this. By making the panels out of heavy 24 Guage steel, we are able to produce a structural panel, that allows for spanning over beams, rather than having to install a solid roof deck prior. The panels attachment point is a clip mount under the panels, that allows for the panels to expand and contract, and there are no exposed fasteners with the panels. This system allows for broad coverage, with no maintenance and a long-term roofing solution

Strength is built into the roofing with our commercial metal roofing, and the thicker the metal, the stronger the roof. After installation of the metal panels, our robotic seamer triples the roof strength by binding the panels together permanently, allowing for a greater span between purlins, and eliminating the need for decking under the roofing. That’s right, this roof panel acts as the complete structural roof and deck in one! Save money while adding incredible strength to your structure.

Kynar 500® PVDF based resin will not chalk or fade, will retain its color and gloss, and come with a 40 year warranty. Because the roof will never need to be replaced, make sure you pick the exact right color, choosing the wrong color can be a lifelong mistake.

But Is It Noisy?

Of all the metal roofs we have installed over the decades, not one customer has mentioned any noise from their metal roofing. And while it make sense that you might hear the rain or hail hitting the metal, because the metal is in direct contact with the underlayment, roofing felt, the doesn’t get a chance to ‘ring’ as you might think you’d hear. Actually, a metal roof makes no more noise than any other roof. Built to last a lifetime, standing seam metal roofing is the last roof you will ever install.

Metal Roof Repair Experts

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metalrepair2Metal roofing is a great roofing product that will last a lifetime. But only when it’s installed correctly. While standing seam metal roofs will last a lifetime, it is very important that the installer of your metal roof know what they are doing. But, since that cannot always be the case, we have put together our metal roof repair team, that is ready to help when the time comes. Our metal roof repair roofers have installed hundreds of metal roofs, and know exactly where sensitive areas need to be addressed on a standing seam metal roof. If for whatever reason your roofer didn’t install the roof correctly, we have the knowledge and products to get your roof repaired quickly and permanently.

Dial One Roofing’s experienced installers have decades of metal roofing installations under thier belt, and can quickly and quickly and dependably fix your metal roof for good!

Standing Seam Metal Roof Repair

metalrepair3Installation of a standing seam metal roof takes a lot of preplanning. The layout must be accurate, and clear in everyone’s mind so that the roof goes on straight, has all the correct flashings and diverters, and that the ventilation is properly assessed. An incorrectly installed metal roof cannot be corrected with sealants or caulking, it must be disassembled and re-installed correctly for a long lasting repair.

Having installed thousands of metal roofs since the early 80’s, we have the expertise to correctly replace any part or section roof metal roofing that is damaged, deteriorated, or just needs replacing. For fast service, Call Us Now !



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