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metalrepair2Metal roofing is a great roofing product that will last a lifetime. But only when it’s installed correctly. While standing seam metal roofs will last a lifetime, it is very important that the installer of your metal roof know what they are doing. But, since that cannot always be the case, we have put together our metal roof repair team, that is ready to help when the time comes. Our metal roof repair roofers have installed hundreds of metal roofs, and know exactly where sensitive areas need to be addressed on a standing seam metal roof. If for whatever reason your roofer didn’t install the roof correctly, we have the knowledge and products to get your roof repaired quickly and permanently.

Dial One Roofing’s experienced installers have decades of metal roofing installations under their belt, and can quickly and quickly and dependably fix your metal roof for good!

Standing Seam Metal Roof Repair

metalrepair3Installation of a standing seam metal roof takes a lot of preplanning. The layout must be accurate, and clear in everyone’s mind so that the roof goes on straight, has all the correct flashings and diverters, and that the ventilation is properly assessed. An incorrectly installed metal roof cannot be corrected with sealants or caulking, it must be disassembled and re-installed correctly for a long lasting repair.

Having installed thousands of metal roofs since the early 80’s, we have the expertise to correctly replace any part or section roof metal roofing that is damaged, deteriorated, or just needs replacing. For fast service, Call Us Now !



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