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Financing Your New Roof

6monthsAre you concerned about the cost of a new roof? At Dial One Roofing, we offer financing options that are affordable and accessible for our customers. In addition, our financing plan includes a “six months same as cash” option, so you can obtain the necessary roof replacement without worrying about upfront expenses.
With our six months, the same as cash financing, you can pay off your new roof within six months without accruing any interest. This allows you to install your new roof and make payments over time without extra charges or interest fees.
Aside from our same as cash financing option, we provide various financing plans to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re seeking low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, or no upfront costs, we have financing options to meet your requirements. Our financing programs comprise roofing loans, home improvement financing, and roof financing plans.
At Dial One Roofing, we aim to make obtaining a new roof as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We offer various financing options that fit your budget and needs. Our team will collaborate with you to identify your situation’s most appropriate financing plan. This way, you can get the new roof you require without incurring high costs.
In conclusion, Dial One Roofing provides affordable roofing financing options that meet your needs. Whether it’s our six months, same as cash financing, or our other financing plans, we enable you to obtain the new roof you need without worrying about upfront expenses or interest fees. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and how we can assist you in obtaining the required roof.

Details –

Six months same as cash;

Get your project complete, and don’t make a payment for six months. On the seventh month, payments begin at 18.99% APR*, for 120 months, on approved credit. This loan is not backdated to the inception date but starts on the 181st day.

There’s no early payment penalty for paying the loan off early, so if you want to complete your roofing project and make no payments until seven months later, this is a great option!

  • Subject to change and on approved credit



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