Deck Membranes

Deck membranes are a product that had been developed to water proof the top of your deck.
This is a great way to create a living space below your deck, they can be used for storage, hot tubs, or if you’d like to enclose that area, it provides a safe clean environment, and has no water dripping through.
The product is about 1/8 inch thick, and is installed similar to a linoleum flooring product. It has a raised surface similar to an orange peel, it is non-slip, resists mildew, and lasts for decades.
Deck membranes also have been developed for heavy traffic areas, outdoor furniture to be used on it, they can withstand all the punishment you want to throw at it. Like most building materials, however, barbecues and smoking materials should be kept an eye on so that they don’t damage your property.

For decades people have been trying to come up with a product that will keep the area below the deck dry. So many different products and then developed, and none of them have been very effective. Until now. This product was developed as a roofing product first. As a matter of fact it’s installed the exactly like a new roof! The tools that we use to install that product are the same tools we would use two installs flat roof. That’s why a roofing company is installing decking products.

A Lasting Product

This product is not intended to go over top of your two by four boards, but rather to replace them. A substrate (plywood deck) needs to be installed so that the membrane will have a decent attachment.
Items such as door jams, railing posts, and siding where it meets the deck, all need to be addressed in a special manner so that this product will be as watertight as a roof. In the case of a railing post going through your deck, Special but it’s made in order to surround your deck posts.

Dial One Roofing has been installing waterproof deck membranes since the early nineties. Our roofing membranes and deck products have outstanding performance, and will last for decades.
Our representatives can show you all the different deck product types and colors available. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll evaluate which deck product will be right for you.



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