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Commercial Roofing Service

Energy Saving PVC Roofing Solution

Rain, wind, ice, and sun all have a hand in roof deterioration. Our residential and commercial flat roofing will completely resist all the elements of Portland’s harsh environment, at the same time require no maintenance. The flat roofing system can be designed to withstand the harshest punishment, and even incorporate self-cleaning features, so you will never need to go on the roof. If there is ever any damage or some changes are necessary, it can be easily handled in just a few minutes. Dial One Roofing is an installer of several different flat roofing products, and our roofers are trained to install each. Whether your building is a small office building or an industrial complex, We have the flat commercial roofing products that are right for your commercial flat roof.

A light-weight and permanent option:
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 10 colors and thickness
  • High reflectivity

We utilize both IB Roof Systems and Duro Last for their quality, dependability and high energy efficiency performance.

Our commercial flat roofs are now different than what you may expect. Hot tar, buildup and gravel roofing are all a thing of the past. Gone are the days of smelly tar kettles, dangerous fumes, and leaky roofs. Commercial flat roofing has gone maintenance free with the advent of commercial single-ply roofing materials. Lightweight and strong, these materials reflect most of the UV light that hits them, making them a terrific investment in terms of roofing protection, and energy savings. Installed with no mess, fumes, or ongoing maintenance, our commercial single-ply roofing installations are a wonderful way to keep both the sun’s UV heat and the Portland Oregon weather and rain outside!


Shielding your building from the elements is essential for your comfort and protection. IB Roof Systems provides complete system solutions coupled with the confidence of up to a 30 year Total Systems Warranty.


IB PVC’s high solar reflectivity reduces energy waste, lowering monthly heating and cooling costs. Additionally, it is one of the few building materials that can be fully recycled into new roofing products, even after decades of service life.


IB Roof System’s products are specifically engineered for strength and our PVC roofing membranes far surpass the minimum ASTM standard (200 lbf/in. rating), having a minimum typical breaking strength of 332 lbf/in. or higher. Not all PVC is built like IB PVC.


IB Roof System’s membranes use heat-welded seams, forming a permanent, watertight bond that is actually stronger than the membrane itself. Other roofing systems rely on adhesives, tapes, and caulks to seal the seams, and are inherently less durable.


IB PVC roofing membranes can be used in many UL Class A roof assemblies. These membranes show excellent resistance to spread of flame and self-extinguish when the source of the flame is removed. IB PVC roofing membranes have passed stringent fire testing standards at both UL and FM, and are approved for use in Low, Steep and Unlimited slope assemblies.


With their engineered strength and heat-welded seams, IB Roof System’s PVC roofs have superior wind uplift resistance. An IB PVC roof is the best choice for many buildings located in challenging climate zones and in regions prone to strong winds.


IB PVC membranes stand up to constant dampness and ponding water, and resist the effects of severe weather extremes. There is no exclusion in our warranty for ponding water.


IB Roof System’s PVC provides the best quality membrane and complete roofing solutions.

  • Duro-Last PVC Membrane available in 40, 50 and 60 and 80 mil thickness.

Available in These Colors –



The Industries Best Roofing For Your Business

We’ve been providing commercial roofing installations since 1984, Dial One Roofing has become the premier roofing company for many commercial property owners. Because of our experience in installing flat roofs, our trained installers are experts at PVC membranes, energy efficient roofs, garden roofs, deck membranes, and the Eco-roofs.

We are well known for installations on apartment complexes, strip malls, Banks, restaurants, and warehouses. We have installed enough commercial roofing to cover the I-5 freeway from Portland to Salem.

Because of our expertise in handling commercial properties, one of the main concerns that we have while installing is for the safety of the customers. It takes a great deal of forethought to not only be aware of your surroundings, but also of the surroundings of those who don’t realize that you’re working overhead. It’s a huge responsibility, and a responsible commercial roofing company like Dial One Roofing is what you need to make sure that all components of the roof come together–safely.

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