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10 Important Guidelines in Selecting a Roofing Company

1. Are they licensed? Having of contractor's license is one of the pieces of the puzzle required in selecting your roofing company. Having a license means they have posted a bond, so that in the event that your roof does not get completed correctly, you can use the...

Extending Roof Life

Extending Roof Life When considering roof leak repair in Portland, a good question to ask yourself is will you be saving any money by repairing the roof? If your roof is getting older, and you feel it will need to roof replacement in the next few years, any amount of...

Handling A Roof Emergency

Roof Repair Needed - Shingles Blown Off of The Roof: Ultimately, it happens to everyone. You’re looking out the window, nice and warm inside the house, on a rainy day thinking to yourself “wow, it is miserable out there. It would sure be awful to have to work in that...

Eliminate Ponding Water on Your Flat Roof

Eliminate ponding water on your flat roof When you have a flat roof on a building or house, it’s necessary to build and maintain the roof so that you do not have long-term problems. Flat roofs are notorious for having areas where ponding occurs, and we’re going to...

We Can Repair Your Roof and Fix Your Leak!

Roof Leaks Roof repair doesn't have to be a complicated matter. You shouldn't have to chase a roof leak, wondering where the water is actually coming in. Water can do a tremendous amount of damage to the interior of your home, and we hope you don't get caught with...



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