Dial One Roofing in Portland, Oregon: A Google Reviews Analysis

Mar 30, 2023 | Roofing Services

It would help if you researched when finding a reputable roofing company in Portland, Oregon. One of the best ways to assess a company’s reputation is to look at its Google reviews. Google reviews are a great way to get a sense of a company’s quality of service, customer satisfaction, and overall reputation. In this post, we’ll look closely at Dial One Roofing’s Google reviews and what they reveal about their services.

Dial One Roofing is a well-established roofing company in Portland that offers a wide range of roofing services, including flat Roofing, metal roofing, and shingle roofing. They have served the Portland area for over 35 years and have built a strong reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. But what do their Google reviews say about them?

Trust Googles reviews

Dial One Roofing has a Google rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on over 150 customer reviews. This high rating is a testament to their commitment to providing excellent customer service and high-quality work. Customers have praised Dial One Roofing for their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. They have also commented on their fair pricing and efficient communication.

One customer wrote:

“Dial One Roofing was incredibly professional from start to finish. They responded quickly to my inquiry and provided a fair, transparent, detailed estimate. Their work on my roof was exceptional, and they went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend Dial One Roofing.”

Another customer said:

“I recently had Dial One Roofing replace my flat roof, and they did an excellent job. They were very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process to me. They also cleaned up after themselves, and the final result looked fantastic. I would use them again and recommend them to others.”

Dial One Roofing’s Google reviews are consistent with its reputation as a top roofing company in Portland. They have a proven track record of providing high-quality roofing services that meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Dial One Roofing is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy roofing company in Portland.

To learn more about Dial One Roofing’s services and to schedule a free consultation, visit their website at https://www.dialoneroofingportland.com/flat-roofing/. And if you’ve worked with Dial One Roofing in the past, be sure to leave your review on their Google profile at Google reviews. Your feedback can help other customers make informed decisions about their roofing needs.



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